Greenocks Biodiesel is a waste management company that plays an important role in production of Biodiesel in the region. The Greenocks Biodiesel plant is located in Lekki, Lagos.

In our brief experience, Greenocks Biodiesel has progressed to be Nigeria’s leading and most progressive climate change advocates, leading the way in partnership with companies in the food and hospitality industry to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable, greener and cleaner future. With the Global Climate Change crisis embodying how we run our business, we are constantly innovating ways to help our partners reduce their waste and carbon footprint with a common goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Brief History

Conceived in 2018, Greenocks was originally created to address massive waste vegetable oil being channeled into wrong uses. Constant research on clean and green energy creation and to avoid this precious, energy-rich material from going to landfill and drainages, combining to form large solid wastes, contributing to global warming. Greenocks sets out to collect as much used cooking oil as possible to be converted into high value, renewable fuels such as biodiesel.


Addressing Climate Change

Future of Energy

Empowering the Society


Waste to Fuel

Want to recycle your used cooking oil?

We collect and process used cooking
oils into Biodiesel and Glycerine.

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