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Greenocks Biodiesel partners with companies in the food and hospitality industry, we offer an effective Oil Pick up service from our partners in a Professional way.


The oils picked up are taken to where it's being converted into Clean Burning and renewable fuel. The Product goes through a procedure that enables it attain European and American Standards EN14214 ASTM D 6751 respectively.


Biodiesel produced by Greenocks Biodiesel can solely meet the fuel requirements or power any diesel engine. It can also be combined with Fossil Diesel to any desired ratio. Since commencement of production in 2019, Greenocks Biodiesel has gone on to produce thousands of liters for homes and offices within the area. It also helps your engine cut down on Carbon emissions by over 90%, making your environment safer.

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Want to recycle your used cooking oil?

We collect and process used cooking
oils into Biodiesel and Glycerine.

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